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Air conditioners like any other appliance also require TLC for it to function at its best. ACs that are not in the best condition are those that cannot perform well during the warm months.

Experts and air conditioning professionals provided the following air conditioning repair tips:

Check the filter.

Regardless of the brand name and type of air conditioning system you have, when the filter is clogged it will block the airflow. This decreases the efficiency and capacity of the AC system to cool the air. If you still have not done this, do it now and check the filter regularly from now on.

You may also need to change your filter when you have a pet at home.
Find out if warm air is leaking in or cold air is leaking out. Reseal the parameters of your unit with weatherstripping. Do not forget to always adhere to the manufacturer’s installation and safety parts or hardware. Doing these will make sure that your AC unit is well sealed. No cold air goes out and no warm air gets in.

Make sure you Air Conditioner is placed in a shaded area.

This is especially tricky when you have a window A/C. Make sure that it does not get sunlight directly from outside. This means that the unit will need to work harder for the place to cool down. If it is not possible to find a shady spot, just make sure to draw the shades or curtains to block the sun, preventing the house from getting warm.

If the window AC has a vibrating noise, installation has to be checked.
It is normal to hear the fan whirring or the on and off sounds of the compressor, but a vibrating noise means that the unit is not installed properly. This means you have to check the installation steps written in the manufacturer’s manual. Make sure that all the steps are followed.

Do not make the AC work too hard.

It is not good for the AC unit to be set to the lowest temperature. Make sure also that it is turned off sometimes. Ensure its regular maintenance.
It is important to conduct periodic inspections as well as preventive maintenance procedures that often include cleaning the different parts of the air conditioning system, changing the filters as mentioned above, and other routine tasks may ensure a smooth and no-glitch operation of the air conditioner.

Do not wait for Air Conditioning issues to get worse.

When you hear strange noises from the air conditioner, as well as rust or water damage on the unit, understand that they will not go away on their own. The best step would be to look for a reliable AC repair specialist before everything gets worse.

Before winter comes around, check your backyard unit.

There are companies that require covering the outside unit during the winter season to avoid repairs for the unit during the spring season. This does not apply to all units though. Units that possess heat pumps in fact require the backyard units to be uncovered during winter.

Keeping Your Water Heater in Good Shape and Condition

Many consider water heaters today to be an essential part of any household. They help save home owners a fair amount of time and convenience as they don’t need to manually heat water up to use them. Many find the traditional method of water heating to be inefficient while at the same time, can be also costly. This is the reason why a huge number of individuals are leaning towards the use of water heaters for their day to day activities. Regardless of what type of water heater that you are using, these units will need to be used for a long period of time making it important to keep them in tip top shape.

How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

It should be noted that there is no definitive answer with regards to exactly how long a water heater can last. You can get a rough estimate of between 8 to 12 years before problems start to show up. The reason behind this is that there are a lot of factors that can come into play in helping gauge the longevity of you water heater. Among the list that come to mind include the type of heater that you have, the number of people in the household, a well as the frequency of their usage.

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Even though there is no telling when your water heater will have issues, you can greatly reduce the frequency of these types of problems to occur in the future. This is made possible with the help of routine maintenance which is known to play a very important role in helping keep water heaters in good shape and form. Maintenance will also help you discover underlying problems with your heaters that you may or may not be aware of.

A number of home owners are often hesitant of doing routine maintenance for their water heater due to lack of experience. With that being said, maintenance does not necessarily mean that you will have to fix any problems that you have discovered. As such, experience is not required in order to do them.

Water Heater Maintenance Tasks

For starters, you can check the pressure relief valve for your water heater to see if there are any issues around them. The valve is responsible in helping control or limit the pressure in the system. Too much pressure can result to the tank to explode which is something that you don’t want to happen with your heaters.

A good indicating factor that your pressure relief valve has an issue is when the valve opens automatically which is often the result of excess pressure. Replace the valve as needed however, it is important that you turn off the water and drain the water before doing so. Speaking of draining, you can also improve the efficiency and lifespan of your water heater simply by draining the water heater tank. This in turn helps flush out the sediments that have built up on the bottom of the tank. This practice alone goes a long way in helping keep your water heaters in great condition as this reduces the likelihood of rust and corrosion.

Aside from that, you may also want to look follow or trace the pipes leading to your water heater to see if there are any leaks. A constant clicking sound may also be an early sign of a problem which is often the result of your heater overheating. It is also a good idea to check the quality of water your heater is producing. If the water has a rusty and reddish-brown color all the time, you will want to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

How Often Should I Do Maintenance?

Maintenance is something that you should not do religiously with your water heaters. As mentioned earlier, the frequency of your inspection can depend most importantly with the number of people in your household. Home owners who have one or two people in a house will want to check their water heater every 6 months and have them drained every 12 months. On the other hand, homes with three to five people living in them will need too do water heater inspection every 4 months and have them drained every 8 months. Bigger households that have six or more people inside the house will need to do routine inspection every 4 months and drain them every 6 months.   

Benefits of a Well Running Heater

Water heater maintenance offer a plethora of benefits and this is the reason why many find the activity to be worthy of their time. Having a water heater at its peak performance means that home owners will be using them at their best with increased efficiency. This also helps extend their lifespan helping people safe a substantial amount of resources as a result.

A faulty water heater can have a huge impact on your next utility bill making them more expensive. Aside from that, neglecting routine maintenance with your water heater can also result to the development of a number of issues that can quite costly to replace or repair. This is the reason why many consider water heater maintenance to be a worthwhile investment as this helps give them a huge amount of convenience and relief.

What if a Problem Occurs?

It is important to note that even with routine maintenance, there may be issues that home owners may have overlooked resulting to a water heater problem later down the line. Furthermore, your water heater will also go through the same wear and tear just like any other home equipment, which makes them susceptible to damages over time. During such cases, it is important that you avoid panicking at all cost as this will only make the issue worse. What you will want to do is to remain calm as you assess the situation and check you water heater to help you determine what that issue is.

Common Water Heater Issues

Water heaters today can come with its own set of issues that help set them apart from each other. One of the most popular problem is with water heaters producing little to no water. This issue can often be resolved by turning the temperature on the tank’s thermostat up to keep water flowing. Home owners however, are advised to take extra care and caution when raising the thermostat of their water heater as turning them up too high can result to them becoming a scalding hazard.

Not getting any hot water with your heater is also an issue that has plagued a huge number of home owners. The solution to this problem can depend on the type of water heater that you are using. For water heaters that are using gas, the issue may lie with the pilot light that has blown out. One the other hand, electric water heaters not heating can be a result of a faulty thermocouple or a pilot control valve. Both of these issues require a more experienced individual to have them repaired to avoid having problems with the replacement and installation.

Another common issue is when water heater produces smelly water in their tanks. This can be a very good indicating factor that the tank has become infected with bacteria resulting to a foul smelling. Flushing the tank alone with not solve the problem as there is a chance that the remnants of the bacteria will stay inside your water heater. What you will want to do is to fill the tank with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide after flushing them. Wait an hour or two giving the solution an ample amount of time to sit in the tank and then flush it with clear water completely get rid of the bacteria. 

Leave the Job to the Professionals

We’ve mentioned a few of the many issues that you can face with your water heaters. Some of them can be easily resolved while others require intervention from the experts. You may be pleased to hear that modern technology has contributed greatly in helping make water heater repairs more accessible. For instance, typing in air conditioner repair over the internet will produce a great amount of results in just a couple of seconds. This in turn makes it fairly easy for just about anyone to be able to get in touch with a repairman of their choice at any given time when the need calls for them to do so.

Having a professional do the job can help you save a fair amount of time and convenience as you don’t need to worry about the condition of your water heaters any longer. The job will be handled by the experts giving you a great measure of relief as a result. With that said, it is important that you work hand in hand with your repairman to help you find success with your endeavors. Schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional today!